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Tjitske Broersma, choreographer, dance and choreography teacher, relecturer, coach

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Tjitske Broersma graduated at the Dance Academy in Rotterdam as a dancer (classical ballet and modern dance) and teacher. She also followed workshops with a wide variety of people such as Yuriko Kikuchi, Mary Hinkson, Betty Jones, Hans van Manen, Dorle Hoffman, Martha Eddy, Ciel Wertz, Fran Parker and worked a/o with the choreographers Lucas Hoving, Bianca van Dillen, Lynn Simonson, Kurt Jooss, Agnes de Mille, Gerhard Bohner, Gigi Caciuléanu.

After her studies at the Dance Academy she worked as a dancer with the Rotterdams Danscentrum, lead by Ineke Sluiter. In Rotterdam she was spotted by Pina Bausch, who asked her to come to Germany. She went and worked with Pina Bausch and Hans Züllig in the Folkwang Ballett, (nowadays Folkwang Tanzstudio) and then went with Bausch to Wuppertal. Wellknown pieces of the Wuppertaler Tanztheater in which she performed include Iphigenië auf Tauris, Der Grüne Tisch, Frühlingsopfer (Le Sacre du Printemps), Blaubart, Todsünden. After 7 years she returned to The Netherlands and joined the collective group Het Penta Theater as a dancer and choreographer. This group challenged the ruling dance conventions of the time and integrated other disciplines in its performances. With Het Penta Theater she also performed in a/o Italy, Ireland, Sweden, France and Japan.

After her stage career she moved to teaching and choreography. She became director of the Danscentrum Utrecht, which soon became one of the most prominent amateur schools in the country, with a strong profile in modern dance. Pupils were challenged to make their own pieces and the Danscentrum Utrecht became a hot-bed of creativity. The dance theatre production ‘Two Lips’ Tjitske Broersma made for the Danscentrum Utrecht made a strong impact and marked the beginning of the production of amateur productions within a professional framework in The Netherlands. ‘Two Lips’, and later ‘Dançar no Monte’, even went on stage several times in Germany, a/o in Hamburg and Lahr, at the Internationale Tanzwochen.

From the early nineties she plunged further in the theory of dance and choreography. She studied a/o Laban Movement Analysis with the Dance Academy Rotterdam and the Laban Institute of Movement Studies in New York and followed the master-course Teaching Strategies in Choreological Studies at the Laban Centre for Movement and Dance in London. She also did a directing course.

In the amateur field she was a/o a member of the subventions committee for amateur dance, jury member of dance festivals, did choreography analysis and gave (and still gives) relectures to young choreographers for the LCA (National Centre for Amateur Dance) and other organisations.

In the professional education field she worked/works a/o as coach of the teaching department of the Rotterdam Dance Academy. She also worked as a guest teacher with several Dutch dance companies (Werkcentrum Dans, Rotterdam and Reflex, Groningen) and several professional education institutes for dance in The Netherlands and abroad, such as Hogeschool voor de Kunsten in Amsterdam, Utrecht, Arnhem, Utrecht and the Academia Superior de de Artes in Bogota (Colombia). She also gave workshops and courses in modern dance and choreography at different levels in The Netherlands and abroad. For the Dance Academy in Rotterdam she works as a guest teacher for both the choreography department and the Dance Unlimited master course. As a choreographer she made a series of own productions for both professionals and amateurs and also worked for several large theatre companies.

What Tjitske might be able to do for you (in brief)

Dance theater and other productions

  • choreography of dance theatre production, both on a profesional as amateur level

  • choreography for theatre plays and other theatre or location productions

  • coaching with regard to movement and body language, analysis and assistence for theatre directors

Education, workshops and lessons

  • practise and theory of choreography

  • practise and theory of Laban Movement Analysis

  • 'Looking at dances' module for dance and theatre studies, art management, and other professional education institutes. Provides an insight in the elements of theatre dance, communications, semiotics etc.

  • support in the compilation of course programs and curriculae

Assistence and coaching

  • coaching of young choreographers during their creative process through regular relectures. Based on the theoretic framework of the Laban  Centre in London and own experience.

  • teaching practise coaching for professional dance teachers education

Courses and presentations

  • 'Looking at dances' an interactive course for people interested in theatre dance and visitors of dance performances, introducing the theories behind modern dance productions.

  • sessions linked to a theatre dance performance (before/after)

  • setup  of dance related courses


  • jury membership at festivals, dance contests etc.

  • judgement of plans for dance productions

  • co-operation with the organisation of dance efstivals and events

  • choreography analysis

  • something else? Just ask.


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Henk Elich and Birgit Albrecht in 'Wakan'.
Choreography: Tjitske Broersma


The Dutch pages Guide

On the Dutch pages you will find the following information:

A profile of Tjitske Broersma, the text we have translated here for you.

An overview of the choreographies and dance theatre pieces Tjitske made, with the credits for light, sound, stage, as well as for/with whom the piece has been produced.

An overview of Tjitske’s work for theatre companies. It mentions the plays, the year the plays have been made, the theatre company and the director (regie).

An overview of Tjitske’s work in the education field. We summarised it above.

An overview of what Tjitske can offer in every field.

The agenda of courses 'Looking at dances' and projects currently being worked on.

Contact information and colophon. Also a link to the pages (under construction) dedicated to the Penta Theater.

A series of links to internet sites of interest in the field of dance and theatre, as well to Peptalk, our own site for Dutch lovers of music from Spain and Portugal.